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Having Stuart Scholer as your Buyer Agent anywhere in Texas is the way to get the most cash back on your new build home!  Learn how to get a  2.52% new home rebate and minimum 84% of his commission back in your pocket! 

Quick & Easy Process

Satisfied Buyers

No Gimmicks or
Hidden Fees

Expert realtor in Austin new home rebates

Stuart realtor

Stuart Scholer is an expert when it comes to giving you, the buyer, the best deal on your new build home. He has been helping and giving the most cash back to Texas new home buyers for over 15 years. 

Stuart offers a minimum 84% cash back of all commission back to new home buyers in Austin.

how to start

Choose your Community

Take a look at the various communities in the Austin area

Call Stuart Scholer

As your agent, he will answer your questions and give you expert advice

Close Sale

Straightforward, easy and simple. Stuart puts everything in writing.

Get Cash Back in Your Hands

Instead of a gift basket, Stuart gives back minimum 84% cash back of his commission

Call 832-372-0434


Minimum 84% Cash Back of Commission

Not "up to", get at least 84% of Stuart's commission back in your hands.

Minimum 2.52% Rebate

Stuart knows how to get a rebate on your new home construction! Any Austin new community builder. Take a look at the list of Builders and savings schedule

Expertly easy process, no gimmicks

That's why Stuart can give buyers cash back, he keeps it simple

Get More

If Stuart gets paid more as your realtor, You - the buyer- get paid more

Why give back so much?

The real question is, why not? Stuart's process is easy and simple. Learn more about why Stuart started giving this offer to his new home buyers.