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This Realtor Gives 84% of all Cash Commission

Buyers get back a Minimum 84% of all Cash Commission

Why give so much cash back to Austin new home buyers?

“I’ll do these deals all day long. I was fairly compensated for my time”

Texas new home Buyers get at least 84% of all cash commission paid to me by the Builder. I started giving Texas New Home Rebates in the Summer of 2004 for one reason; the amount of time and work involved in doing new home sales was minimal. A friend called  and asked me to be his Realtor on a new house that he wanted to buy. He had already picked out a home and had already negotiated his deal. His only problem was that he needed more cash to pay closing costs. Since the salesman for the Builder had no more flexibility to give him more closing cost contributions, he suggested the new home cash back idea. All I had to do was agree to be his Realtor and give back the two percent for closing costs. 

One of my Realtor associates said that he would “NEVER do a transaction and make so little money and belittle my profession”. At first I felt a little guilty, but then I thought about how much time and effort I put into the deal. I said to myself “I’ll do these deals all day long, I was fairly compensated for my time”. So I started telling everyone I knew about what I was doing and Texas new home buyers started responding. 


My Realtor Rebate is not for everyone. 

Some Buyers want to ride in some Realtor’s luxury car and go see all the different new houses and new home communities. If you want to pay a Realtor thousands of dollars to do that  that’s fine. Other Buyers think that they can negotiate the Realtor’s 3% and his Bonus – if there is one – off the price of their new house. If they think they can achieve that, more power to them, but the better Builders don’t practice those tactics. Those that do are like automobile dealers, you will never know if you got the best deal possible.

Minimum 84% of all cash commission guaranteed: 

I can guarantee this to any buyer: You will receive a minimum 84% of any and ALL my cash commissions paid by the Texas new home Builder.  I put that in writing in the “Buyer’s Representation Agreement” with you. In addition, you will gain my experience in the negotiating possibilities that might exist with any particular Home Builder or New Home community. All of the monies paid out by the Builder to the Broker are revealed in the final settlement statement prepared by the Title Company as required by federal RESPA laws. 


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 Some New Home Builders pay Stuart a higher commission in the form of a “Bonus” …That means YOU, the buyer, can receive more cash back.

Some New Home Builders pay Stuart a higher commission in the form of a “Bonus” because he sells multiple homes in any one year. That means YOU the buyer can receive a 3%, 4%, 5% New Home Rebate…. even a 6% rebate in some cases (new construction inventory homes). Nothing is held back or hidden.

It is so simple. Does any other Austin or Hill Country Agent express their Rebate that way? Stuart does it in writing!


If you pay attention to other Austin area New Home Rebate offers you will see a lot of words like; “up to” this or”up to” that. These words; “up to” are great when you want to be ambiguous, unclear, complicated and NOT share the Bonus!

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Experience in negotiating possibilities with Home Builders and New Home Communities

Benefit from my experience in negotiating possibilities with a particular Home Builder or New Home community


Minimum 2.52% Rebate on Austin New Homes

Minimum 2.52% Rebate on Austin New Homes

Cash Back

I guarantee a minimum 84% cash back of all commission paid to me by the Builder

I return a minimum 84% of all cash commission paid to me by the Builder

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Cash Back of All Commission

buyer’s experience

Reviews on HAR

Stuart was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in his profession! My wife and I are very glad to have found him and had him helped with our transaction. Very much appreciated!

Stuart is the best realtor I have met, he answers his phone every time and is on top of everything. He is extremely knowledgable about any questions I have for him and I can tell he really cares. Its not only just about business but more about the experience. I really enjoy the overall process and would love to work with Stuart again.

As a first time home buyer, Stuart went above and beyond to explain the buying process. There are no dumb questions with Stuart.

new home buyer steps

Easy Process to Save

1. Choose Community

New Home Rebates anywhere in Austin

2. Call Stuart

Stuart will answer your questions and always puts his cash back agreement in writing

3. Get Cash Back

Get minimum 84% cash back of any and all commission paid to Stuart by the Builder